ShutDownNDTV: Modi ‘bhakts’ call NDTV anti-national, demands government to shut down channel

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Television news channel NDTV faced the onslaught of Twitteratis, mainly sycophants of the Narendra Modi-government for allegedly spreading false, misleading news. The Modi bhakts lashed out at NDTV demanding the government to close down the news channel for adopting an ‘anti-national’ perspective. The hardline supporters of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) even raised online slogans of sending editor-in-chief Barkha Dutt to Pakistan.
The news report done by Barkha Dutt tracking the arrival route adopted by the infiltrators in Punjab, along with the news story carried by online portal of NDTV, claiming that two vehicles loaded with terrorists entered the base and therefore there could be more militants rather than the six who were reported to be locked in an encounter with security forces.

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