Royal Enfield Made Himalaya bike

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Royal Enfield, the fastest growing motorcycle brand in the world, Introduced the Himalayan Bike purpose-built for adventure and touring in the Himalayas , In the  completely ground-up design, and powered by a new LS 410 engine, The Himalayan is stable and agile in equal parts. 

A strong mono shock rear suspension The Himalayan’s  220 mm ground clearance ensures it gobbles up obstacles comfortably be it in the Himalayas, rocky river beds or at stream crossings. An optimal wheel size combination allows for better control while riding over rocks and ruts. It will go on sale in India in March, but prices have not been revealed at the moment.

Royal Enfield 
Royal Enfield Himalaya
Himalaya Bike 
Himalaya Bike By Royal Enfield 
New Himalaya Bike
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