The Intel Company to Prevent Skylake Overclocking With Chip Update

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Since late December, it's been possible to overclock Intel's previously locked Skylake processors - and as we revealed in our review of the Core i5 6500, this allows for some pretty explosive performance increases in gaming. Now it seems that the party is over as Intel prepares a firmware update likely to spell the end to this unofficial route to extra processing power. Once this mandatory update becomes the standard, only Intel's officially unlocked chips - the Core i5 6600K and the Core i7 6700K - will be overclockable.

                    The cheap overclocking party is over. An upcoming microcode update from Intel will close the door on a loophole that let users goose Skylake CPUs that weren't meant to be overclocked. 
The company confirmed to PCWorld on Monday that an update would “align” the CPUs in question.
”Intel regularly issues updates for our processors which our partners voluntarily incorporate into their BIOS,” an Intel spokesman said. “The latest update provided to partners includes, among other things, code that aligns with the position that we do not recommend overclocking processors that have not been designed to do so. Additionally, Intel does not warranty the operation of the processor beyond its specifications.”
That’s basically a kinder way of saying: You shouldn’t be overclocking these CPUs, so stop it.(Source-Internet)

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